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Will I get admitted if I do X? Will I get a full season of football tickets as a freshman? Will all my classes be after 9 a. Will I be able to get into the first Orientation session? I cannot guess about any of these things. I used to think that that these questions were the hard ones to answer, but if nothing else, the first six months of has taught me that I truly do not know the answers to a lot more important things. Admissions advice always seems to use similar themes and language from year to year, with slight changes to keep the message fresh. I am certainly guilty of this, as I am going into my tenth year of writing the UGA Admissions blog, and at times my messages seem be on auto play. That is the recipe.


Read on for the straight dirt on partying, managing stress, Greek life and the ubiquity of Tinder, as told to Tom Coulter. My first year, I was immediately surrounded by people who loved to party. Because I came from a top 10 high school in the country, my expectations going in were I would crush it.

Final official high school/secondary school record, including 9thth grades and graduation date; GED results, if applicable; Official transcripts from all post-.

Provider of online college counseling services. The company, through its portal, provides adequate and thorough information regarding the various criteria and admission processes in different colleges of the Unites States. What you see here scratches the surface. This information is available in the PitchBook Platform. To explore CollegeConfidential. Personalize which data points you want to see and create visualizations instantly.

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A sociology professor Steve McInter starts conducting a survey at Collins College about the lifestyles and sexual urges of the younger generation. One of his students Sally Blake excels with the survey and may or may not be having an affair with the professor. A reporter Betty Ducayne receives an anonymous tip that Steve is corrupting the youth and she discovers a dark past which he had obviously fled from. The film was an unofficial follow up to High School Confidential although made for a different studio.

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Really 52, but who’s counting? I know that you love numbers, stats and checklists, so here’s a checklist for the ages. October 21, So to all of you uber-serious folk… back away slowly and no one will get hurt. And everywhere I go, you want to know the skinny on how to get into MIT. This is a really funny checklist! Statistics can be manipulated any which way, for anything.

Thanks man! This post is really funny, I had a good laugh at it while looking at it in the morning. A really useful entry. Nance, I run a humor magazine at my high school. Could we take the funniest parts of your advice and publish it? We would credit you, if you wish.

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Here is a teaser tip from the Dean regarding Private vs. Public Colleges. To download your free copy. Whether you’re familiar with the free application for federal student aid FAFSA or you plan to complete it for … More the first time this fall, you might have multiple questions about how to fill out the forms. Check out 10 of the best practices that Stennis shared so you can complete your FAFSA with ease this fall in the link. Can you differentiate test-blind colleges from those that are test-optional?

Get the gossip from High School Musical’s power trio Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Vanessa Hudgens Admits Dating Zac Efron Made Her “​Mean”.

Watch the trailer. Title: College Confidential 08 May The team goes undercover at a college to take down their new target – an engineering prodigy suspected of building a super weapon. I like the show, it’s fun. But it’s a but heavy against the British. No where more so than this episode. I don’t mind a bit I’d humor against the British. To attack a national sport is a bit much. If s Britt explained that basketball is male version of a woman’s Sport and the point guard is just a bra protecting the breasts it would be the same.

Don’t understand a game, fine don’t insult it. The Brits okay rounders, it’s a girls spott, you call it baseball. You have a sport with men wearing pads, oh it hurts.

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Contact: Steven Richardson , x Bring your questions to this candid and frank discussion between two seasoned and decorated veterans of the art world: Sharon Louden , artist and editor of Living and Sustaining a Creative Life in conversation with Andrew Russeth , critic and co-executive editor of ARTnews. The insights gained from this lively discussion will be relevant to all types of makers at all stages, not just recent grads.

Directed by Rob Bailey. With Scott Foley, Lauren Cohan, Ana Ortiz, Tyler James Williams. The team goes undercover at a college to take down their new target.

The Selective Scholarship Application SSA is an invitation-only application shared by a number of schools and programs at Indiana University to award merit-based scholarships to incoming freshman students who meet high academic standards. Incoming freshmen must submit a complete application for admission by November 1 in order to be considered for an invitation to complete the SSA. Want to be invited to complete the SSA? Submit your complete application for admission to IU Bloomington no later than November 1.

Selective Scholarship Application. What is the SSA? Incoming freshmen must have a complete application for admission on file by November 1 in order to be considered for an invitation to complete the SSA. Do I have to be admitted before being considered for SSA eligibility? You must be admitted to Indiana University Bloomington before you will be considered for eligibility to apply for scholarships through the SSA. Who will review my SSA? If you are eligible to complete the SSA, you will receive an SSA invitation email from the Office of Scholarships approximately 5—7 days after you receive your admission email.

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Follow this category via RSS. A high school student wants the community to provide feedback on her chances of being admitted to Williams. They also generally provide a mass of irrelevant data.

Ullswater Community College, Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8NG. Tel: CONFIDENTIAL. Information for Residency permit expiry date.

The Semifinalist cutoffs for the class of October PSAT have leaked early this year [ thank you to those who alerted me to it ]. All 50 states have lower cutoffs for the class of compared to the class of As we learned in April, the Commended cutoff fell from to What is somewhat surprising is how sharp the difference is between the highest scoring states and everyone else. Of the 10 states at a cutoff of or higher for the class of , 8 saw only a 1-point decline.

Illinois and Texas were the exceptions, with 2-point declines. The average decline among the other 40 states was 2. This implies that PSAT scaling was more problematic in the range than it was at the very top of the scale, which is somewhat surprising. Students may not receive notice of their Semifinalist status until mid-September.

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